P.T.S.D. Love Poem
© Sarge Lintecum 2003

(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Poem)

I love you through my anger,
In between my fits of rage.
I want us to be happy,
But I just can't turn the page.

I see in you the answer
To every time I've prayed.
Then I get mad; you leave the room;
I wish that you had stayed.

My love just wants to hold your hand,
But my anger doesn't care.
I feel the weight you carry.
It really isn't fair.

I gave our country everything
The day I went to war.
I thought the cost would be my life,
But it turned out to be much more.

I look into my child's eyes,
And I see a child burned
By Napalm lying on the ground,
Without a lesson learned.

So now they send the young folks
To act like war is fun,
Without a thought of how they'll feel
When their killing job is done.

When folks go fill their gas tanks
I think they all should know,
A veteran's future happiness
Is drowning in the flow.

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